The 90’s was a period of self discovery for me. although I was somewhat timid and shy, I was learning do know what I like and don’t like in life and about life.

  • 1990 We moved to Lancaster, Texas

  • 1993 Parents separated;

    My brother went to jail for breaking and entering

    Me and my mom moved to Cedar Hill

    Attended Cedar Hill High School for a few weeks.

    We got evicted and moved to Jeffries Street in South Dallas

    I met my first boyfriend at the Dallas West End

  • 1994 we moved to North Dallas (Meadow Road – Woodcreek Apartments

    My first boyfriend ended up moving in with us because his mother was neglectful.

    The summer I turned 15 years old

  • 1995 the summer i turned 16 – i started my first job on my birthday. McDonald’s

  • 1996

  • 1997

  • 1998

  • 1999

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