Being Nice to People: Christianity vs. Atheism




ahahah uer wrong as fuck ! lol … uer stupidity however is amusing to me …. nice try though !! 🙂 .. know uer shit before u talk it plz.. ;3 juss sayin

I think I’m the one who’s really amused here.

By the very definition of doing one’s Christian duty, good things are in fact done in order to gain acceptance into heaven by having a pure soul. Thus, uer stupidity however is amusing to me …. nice try though !! 🙂 xx

i might get trampled for this but„„   I myself am a Christian, and have been since i was 5 yrs old.  I am FAAAAAAAR from perfect, but I am one of the sweetest people you could ever meet … this is something that was already built into my character … . I have been burned by a lot of people that I trusted, that DISREGARD Jesus Christ.  Therefore, I sometimes react out of emotion….  This doesnt make me better or worse than anyone.   a common misconception is that you get to heaven by being nice to people. . actually you experience the Kingdom of God while on earth when you are caring to people who are going through challenges – THE OLD ADAGE:  “It is better to give than to receive”.

Just because I am a nice person, does not make me believe that God loves me or that I have a ticket to heaven, because there are numerous things I have done that I wouldnt be surprised if He chose to STRIKE ME DEAD RIGHT NOW.   I am not blaspheming His name.  God loves me because He created me.  He feels the same about all of His creation, but if we do not accept Him as God, then why should He accept us to be with Him when we kick the bucket ?

Now if any of you get offended or reply with something mean, just keep in mind, i didnt say ANYTHING about what YOU are doing.  I CAN’T.  and I don’t WANT to.   Therefore please try not to get mad, but if you do, generally ppl get mad at stuff like this when they feel small 😀


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