My Opinion of A Certain Author’s Writing

The book started out interesting, and David has a lot of points, but he lost me when he started talkin about dna and all this crap .  like OMG . . this is the ultimate twist up of the Word of God . .   I dont disagree with everything he says, cause i refuse to hear everything he has to say . . but come on…  I don’t believe that we are made of software and we are holographic images, etc …

I do believe that I have a Creator . I have been taught his name is GOD Jehovah . Alpha & Omega …

Most of the things the guy is saying in this book is addressed in the Bible from a more spiritual aspect.  This New Age folklore is just another something to distract people from the Truth named Jesus Christ.

Disclaimer:  I am in no way claiming perfection or sainthood, because additionally… if you want this book, cause I am clearly not goin to finish it, inbox me!  it is free, all you need to pay is shipping!!!i like various things that are frowned upon by the religious society, but at the same time, I just dont wanna get brainwashed by ANYBODY!!!  i believe the Bible. not what a pastor says„ not what a politician says, not what a crazy man says.  ok. that is all… please resume your day 🙂

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