Video: CNN’s Anderson Cooper Goes In on Chris Brown

Beef alert! During a recent “Ridiculist” segment on CNN’s “AC 360,” anchor Anderson Cooper, who is currently in Mogadishu, Somalia, reporting on the devastating famine in the African nation, tore into hip-hop star Chris Brown over his involvement in the adaptation of comedian Steve Harvey’s book, “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man.”

“I, for one, cannot imagine why this did not happen sooner, because if there’s one thing you can say about Chris Brown, who’s currently on probation for viciously assaulting his then-girlfriend Rihanna, he just oozes romance,” Cooper said sarcastically. The LA Times reports Cooper went on to bring up other incidents from Brown’s past, including reports of troubles on the set of a “Good Morning America” interview and Brown’s use of a gay slur. “He called a bunch of photographers ‘gay’ because he thought they called the police to give him a parking ticket,” Cooper deadpanned.

“You know, just like in ‘Sleepless in Seattle.’” Brown, who apologized for his use of the slur as well as behavior on “GMA,” took to Twitter to respond. Read on to see what he said. The VMA nominated star, who will perform live on the broadcast Aug. 28, simply attributed Cooper’s snarky verbal slam as a sensationalist attention grab.

“I guess some people need ratings,” Brown tweeted. “LOL!!! Much love!”

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