A Funny Story About A Ring

A funny story about the ring photo’d to the right:

I bought this ring at a beauty supply store located at Wig & Beauty Discount Store 5505 Broadway Blvd #A Garland, TX 75043 for $1.00 !!!

Ok, people who love money and allow how much they spend on something to define the person that they are, may try to call me “cheap” but it’s ok, cause I feel super jazzy when I put on this ring!!!!  Why? How? Because it was A DOLLAR!!!  THAT IS SPENDING POWER… to be able to buy something that you know someone else wouldn’t normally buy, and floss it like it came from the #1 jeweler in the world!!!

So of course when we wear “jewelry” like this, you can’t wash it in the soap and water when you wash your hands…. 

SOOOO, I take mine off all the time… several times a day in fact, because I like to wash my hands…  It gives me an excuse to lotion them 🙂

Well After work one day last week, I took it off in the women’s restroom of the building which is shared with other small companies…  I washed my hands and I’ll be derned I left it in the restroom.

So the next day, the office manager sent out an email advising that a ring had been turned in to him and “if you can describe it, it’s yours!”  Well of course it has distinct features, so I retrieved it.  Even though it is just $1, it is a very pretty ring…. Not to mention, I had JUST superglued one of the “pearls” back on the night before….  shame to some of you, I know, but it’s MY ring, and I want to wear it several more times!!!  😛

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