Why I LOVE My New WaterPik Ultra Water Flosser

My Experience With the WaterPik Ultra.

The first time I remember ever going to the dentist was when I was in the 4th grade, which was the year 1988.  I recall my mother discussing with the Dr. (dentist) about my second left molar [the 2nd tooth from the very back on the top left).  This tooth was THEN turned sideways just a little.  I did not have any cavities.

The next time I went to the dentist from there was in 1999.  I had just turned 20 years old and had moved in with my sister and her family in Lewisville, Texas.  I had not had any type of insurance coverage or direction in my life to know how important it was to visit the dentist regularly.  My brother-in-law had a close friend/business partner who happened to be a dentist.  “Bubba” had the most lavish dentist office I had ever seen in my life!! Not to mention it was only the second one I had been to.  The first one (4th grade) was old, rusty, dusty and dinjy, at least to me, with comparison to this newer, high tech dentistry I had now been introduced to.  These types of experiences cause you to raise your standards…

This particular visit introduced a new health issue to me.  One that I would face EACH damn time I visit the dentist, since the visits are so far apart.  (reasons)


Thankfully, each time each dentist has told me this, they go through the routine advice and demo of flossing.  I have tried to be consistent with flossing in the past, and I did good for about the first week and a half.  But sometimes, the floss cuts my gums 😦

Well, I visited the dentist the other day, 11/26/12 to be exact, after 3.5 years.  I just have not had any insurance to cover a dental cleaning.  So I went the first opportunity that presented itself.  And lo and behold, I have the first stages of gingivitis.  

I’ve always wanted my own WaterPik, not knowing that they were so cost effective.  I went ahead and purchased one the Thursday after my appointment, which happened to be payday.  I am in LOVE.

This device is well worth the expense.  Usually I am considering a pair of shoes or clothes, but not this time. I have made an investment in my health.  I can tell the difference daily when I use this device, it ultimately gets about 99% of any food particles that may have been left behind from my food. 

My teeth feel so clean!  I have not even been using it for an entire week as of yet, and my teeth are also getting whiter.

You can actually use mouthwash in the device, in place of water.  I use bottled water, since it is generally purified (or similar).  I tried to use JUST mouth wash, and while I am sure that it helped, it burned, so what I do now, is just add like 2 of the little cups (bottle top) of the mouthwash to one bottle of water in the resevoir and I believe that since the machine is able to basically taser directly between my teeth as well as to my gumline base, that it is much more effective and my next visit to the dentist should be a breeze!

I am very thankful that I was able to purchase this device and I STRONGLY recommend it to anyone who is unable to visit the dentist frequently.  On the box it says that it is guaranteed to REVERSE gingivitis!!!  This is most certainly a wonderful investment toward your overall dental health!

If you already have one feel free to comment below on your experience and FEELINGS (YES EMOTIONS!!) about it!!  🙂


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