My Top 10 Restaurants in Dallas (That I Love)

These are in no particular order, but I probably don’t like a lot of variety of cuisines I guess 🙂 

my favorite places to eat in Dallas

1. Big Shucks – New Orleans Style Seafood – $20.99 Summer Platter for Two includes shrimp, crab legs, andouille sausage, and two red potatoes as well as seafood condiments.  Make your own horseradish!
2. Hanasho – Japanese / Sushi – Crawfish Salad chilled cooked crawfish, mayo + asian hot sauce, bean sprouts, sesame seeds, shredded cucumber – – – if you are a crawfish lover, I guarantee you will love it.  If not, just give it to me 🙂
3. Mango Sushi – Japanese / Sushi – Volcano Roll  this is another crawfish dish.  These crawfish are battered and deep fried and the sauces included on this dish are impeccable.
4. Pappadeaux – New Orleans Style Seafood – Fried Alligator Plate I always saw this on the menu but I did not actually try any until 5/2011, in which case, I fell in LOVE!  SUPER HIGH IN SODIUM THOUGH!!!
5. Taco Cabana – Mexican Patio Grill – Happy Hour!!  My favorite item to order here is #1 the $1.50 margarita.  and the Bean & Cheese nachos.  the salsa bar makes up for everything you think should be on a plate of nachos.
6. Taco Diner – Mexico City Grill – Green Chile Chicken Posole (soup) – if you love spicy, yet light, but something that will stick to your rib for a little bit this is SOOO good.  it has chicken, mole, hominy, shredded cabbage and sliced jalapeno.
7. Fuel City – Street Tacos & Elotes – Chicken Tacos w/Everything + Medium Elotes in a cup w/ everything these are pretty basic. there is more variety than chicken, but I’m a white meat lover.  standard order comes with onion, cilantro, lime and hot sauce.  A small taste of Dallas and affordable filling meal, if you can make it downtown!
8. Genghis Grill – Mongolian Stir Fry – Shrimp, plus a lot of veggies! no real comment.  if you mix it wrong, you might regret it 🙂
9. Texas de Brazil – Churrascarria – well this is an experience you have to have for yourself
10. Taco Casa – Americanized Tacos – Super Taco & Taco Lite  all you need is ONE Super Taco and your tummy will be full, if you are my size I guess.  I love it but I had to let it go because they put ridiculous amount of shredded cheese AND sour cream.  not so simple on the pipelines.

I love these places and I love to share time with people there if we can have drinks. 

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