AncestryDNA: Genetic Ethnicity Results Are In!!!

I am so excited to learn more about my ethnic origin.  Turns out I am  45% French/German , 6% Scandinavian (Viking), 8% Persian/Turkish and 36% West African.  That’s so funny. I have a theory that the “Uncertain” 5% is Native American. or simply “other”.  I hope that more people are able to take part in the future, which will create more potential links.

to save money:  like maybe, if there’s a few brothers and sisters and y’all have the same parents, chip in together and buy one kit, and one of y’all do the test… BOOM!!!  your results are in.  it will create more links to people.

Get yours here —>


3 thoughts on “AncestryDNA: Genetic Ethnicity Results Are In!!!”

  1. Well we are both Scandinavian and I also have 5% uncertain. Who knows perhaps we will see each other in the listing of matches that they give us. I hope you make some great breakthroughs with your DNA test. Happy hunting!


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