I Thought I’d Give It A Second Chance….

I Thought I'd Give It A Second Chance....

Saturday, I went to Central Market located on Lovers’ Lane in Dallas. I purchased a White Dragon Fruit, which was $5.99. This particular fruit item is located in their “exotic fruits” section. It’s actually very beautiful. I think I bought one once before and I had no idea how to prepare it and/or eat it. Well I had to use it today before it starts going bad.

I decided to put it in my nutriblast for the day, which included Mixed greens (organic), blueberries, blackberries, 2 strawberries, mango, peach, and 1/4 tbsp of supergreen (some type of powder), as well as one tsp of acai powder. and of course, one bottled water.

I usually wait until about 10.30ish to drink my nutriblast, but I decided to try and taste it a little earlier. I must say I will no longer put dragon fruit into my nutriblast, because it now has a slimy texture. It tasted good when I ate it in pieces, but I don’t like the texture of the “smoothie”. I froze the remaining pieces, hopefully those will taste good.

Overall, I strongly recommend dragon fruit, because it has many benefits that I am looking forward to taking advantage of, due to my future consumption of this fruit.

  • Dragon fruit is both low in cholesterol and has little to no unhealthy cholesterol producing fats
  • The amount of vitamin C in dragon fruit is high
  • Nothing compares to the rich array of nutrients and antioxidants in a real natural food like the dragon fruit.
  • Dragon fruit does have a small amount of fats because there are so many seeds in the edible part of the fruit.
  • Dragon fruit has lots of dietary fiber with almost 1g of fiber per 100g of the fresh dragon fruit.

Learn More here: http://www.naturalfoodbenefits.com/display.asp?CAT=1&ID=41

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