Hairfinity: My Journey So Far

I received my 2 month supply of Hairfinity on Tuesday 9/23/14.

As of today, it has now been 3 weeks and 2 days.  At this point in the day, I have taken one pill.   I usually take one at or around 10.45am, and then my second pill at 10.45pm.

I do this because in some of the reviews I have read, the ladies complain about headaches.  So I figure if I spread out the dosage, it won’t be as hard on my body, but I should get the same result, as long as I take my 2 pills in one day.

My nails have definitely gotten stronger and growing.

I have refrained from applying heat or product to my hair.  My hair is naturally kinky curly, but it is also very fine and soft, and after several months of aggressive flat ironing, my curls were “lost” (if you will).

Since beginning my vitamin journey,  I do notice:

  • less shedding/breakage
  • my hair feels thicker, even though it is fine and feathery
  • my “lost” curls have gained a LITTLE more of their curl back
  • my new growth shows the kinky curliness.  Now I just have to stick with no heat or product and my hair should grow fast enough.

I also started out taking BioSil drops with it.  this formula is more for joints and bones. I will post an image of it later.

I think once I am finished with my Hairfinity supply, I am going to just start taking biotin pills.  I did notice an acne breakout over the last couple of days.  I don’t really want to see that, but I can’t really tell if the breakout is my “normal” breakout, or if it is from the vitamins.

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