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xennialist . feminist . multi-cultural . loner

Hi and Welcome! Thank you for stopping by. I see your interest has been piqued. I hope that you will find something you like, maybe even something you don’t like. It’s cool. A little about me:

I am a woman, born as such, firstly and foremostly. I am a person of multiple heritages namely African American & Caucasian which actually translates into numerous cultures. . Born on the cusp of Generation X and Millennial – “Xennial”. An alum of the underprivileged and disadvantaged. A proponent of human dignity and an ally of justice. Wildlife respecter and animal lover. A tired warrior of survival. A scholar. A non-violent tough lover. I fear nothing except the Creator.

I’m an 80’s baby.  I have no babies.  I was born in Texas.  I started kindergarten in Detroit. Moved back to Texas in 3rd grade.  I like respect and manners.  I have two siblings:  one mixed brother with 3 daughters and two sons, and one Caucasian sister with 3 sons and one daughter. to learn more start clicking below.

This is the platform of my interpretation of life and expression of my observations and experiences. You will find that I take interest in a variety of topics, as I have developed an eclectic aura. I am a woman of multi-cultural heritage with quirky opinions and a uniquely shaped perspective of the world around us. This may describe “anyone” but it definitely clarifies the top layer of moi. I am not always correct about things, but I try to approach everything with curiosity and compassion.