Cancer/Leo Cuspian

When I was very small, my mother always told me that I am a Cancer and a Leo. I thought it was weird, partly because I really wasn’t gung-ho about zodiacs, horoscopes and the like. I still am not, but I find that many of the key traits of my sign(s) certainly do apply to me and how I am in general. I used to be ashamed of my zodiac sign, since the name is shared with an illness, but as I progressed into adulthood I began to embrace many things about myself. I felt the same way about my initial. Go figure! Below you will see that I have included some details about the Cancer-Leo personality.

On a good day, you’re fired up and ready to make shit happen. You’re creative and loving, warm and adventurous. Some signs are a little afraid of success, but not you; If you want something, you go after it. That’s the Leo in you, but it’s the 🌓🌗🌚🌕🦀♋ Cancer🦀♋🌓🌗🌚🌕that shows you your path. Listen to your intuition and beware your impulsive nature- it can be a blessing and a curse. Deep down, you know who you are and what you want, so don’t try to quiet that voice in your head with silly antics or crazy (but pointless) adventures. Try and stay focused on your truest dreams, because you are very capable of making them happen.

However, you have a dark side. Your ability to nurture is deep, but it does have a limit. You are prone to thinking people are taking advantage of you, or only want you around for (fill in whatever reason you’ve made up). This will incite your insecure side that craves affirmation from those around you. The ☯️ Cancer/Leo ☯️ cusp is likely to suffer from bouts of despair where you suddenly feel as though you aren’t sure of what you want or how to get it. Try and fight through this; it’s just your Cancer side inspiring mood swings. In the throes of these depressed spells, seek out a friend and talk through your worries, but don’t make them prove to you how awesome you are. You might feel as though compliments will make you feel better, and they might, for a little while, but they won’t put you back on the right path. Let someone coax you through the rationale you need to get you off your ledge and back into your groove. And again- beware your impulsive nature that may take your insecurities and lash them out onto others in ways they won’t appreciate. 

You are intuitive, but may occasionally try to tune it out in favor of fun. You are also brash and bold, but sensitive, which might have people unsure of how to approach you.. can you take a joke, or not? You should seek balance in your life, from family and friends or perhaps a noncompetitive hobby such as yoga, or creative pursuits. 
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