Hairfinity: My Journey So Far

I received my 2 month supply of Hairfinity on Tuesday 9/23/14. As of today, it has now been 3 weeks and 2 days.  At this point in the day, I have taken one pill.   I usually take one at or around 10.45am, and then my second pill at 10.45pm. I do this because in some… Continue reading Hairfinity: My Journey So Far

I Thought I’d Give It A Second Chance….

Saturday, I went to Central Market located on Lovers' Lane in Dallas. I purchased a White Dragon Fruit, which was $5.99. This particular fruit item is located in their "exotic fruits" section. It's actually very beautiful. I think I bought one once before and I had no idea how to prepare it and/or eat it.… Continue reading I Thought I’d Give It A Second Chance….

A Funny Story About A Ring

A funny story about the ring photo'd to the right:I bought this ring at a beauty supply store located at Wig & Beauty Discount Store 5505 Broadway Blvd #A Garland, TX 75043 for $1.00 !!!Ok, people who love money and allow how much they spend on something to define the person that they are, may try… Continue reading A Funny Story About A Ring

Nostalgia: World’s First Black Supermodel, Donyale Luna

onlylivinggirlinny: World’s First Black Supermodel, Donyale Luna.This woman gives cheekbones meaning. Born Peggy Ann Freeman, Donyale Luna’s feet never really touched the ground. She lived in her dreams and fed off attention, limelight and possibilities. She graced the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, was immortalized by Richard Avedon, and honored by both Time Magazine and by… Continue reading Nostalgia: World’s First Black Supermodel, Donyale Luna

Lil Kim at One of Her Flyest Moments (In My Opinion)