I Thought I’d Give It A Second Chance….

Saturday, I went to Central Market located on Lovers' Lane in Dallas. I purchased a White Dragon Fruit, which was $5.99. This particular fruit item is located in their "exotic fruits" section. It's actually very beautiful. I think I bought one once before and I had no idea how to prepare it and/or eat it.… Continue reading I Thought I’d Give It A Second Chance….

My Top 10 Restaurants in Dallas (That I Love)

These are in no particular order, but I probably don't like a lot of variety of cuisines I guess 🙂 my favorite places to eat in Dallas1. Big Shucks - New Orleans Style Seafood - $20.99 Summer Platter for Two includes shrimp, crab legs, andouille sausage, and two red potatoes as well as seafood condiments.  Make… Continue reading My Top 10 Restaurants in Dallas (That I Love)

The Most Awkward Part…

The most awkward part about eating roasted seaweed snack, is that it is reminiscent of the way a fish tank smells.

Healthy Eating: Cheese Baked Zucchini

A few weeks ago, I was browsing my favorite store, and I found a little vegetarian cookbook entitled:  vegetarian ...made simple .  It was $3.99, so I figured, "what could I really lose here?" . . . I've been needing to eat healthier, create a better eating meal plan for myself and my health.When I had some… Continue reading Healthy Eating: Cheese Baked Zucchini