I Thought I’d Give It A Second Chance….

Saturday, I went to Central Market located on Lovers' Lane in Dallas. I purchased a White Dragon Fruit, which was $5.99. This particular fruit item is located in their "exotic fruits" section. It's actually very beautiful. I think I bought one once before and I had no idea how to prepare it and/or eat it.… Continue reading I Thought I’d Give It A Second Chance….

Titanic II testing announced by Clive Palmer via Twitter | The Drum

They are seriously remaking the Titanic... http://www.thedrum.com/news/2013/08/23/titanic-ii-testing-announced-clive-palmer-twitter you ain't rollin like sweet jane !

Dead Files 8/2/13

I am watching an episode where in history, a man was involved with a mixed race woman and the locals did not approve.  The man was hung and burned by the kkk.   He is now haunting the place. This show isn't really in my top ten, but it's interesting enough to keep me semi-engaged.

Jeannie’s Room in the Bottle.

Ok, well I'm a bit claustrophobic, but I ALWAYS wanted a room like this!!! 🙂

A girl who cries crystals . . . . MUST SEE