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  • Stainless Steel Kitchen Hack

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  • Beethoven Can Can Get Sturdy

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  • Ancestor Narratives: George Washington “Wash” Anderson, Texas

    A frail sick man, neatly clad in white pajamas lying patiently in a clean bed awaiting the end which does not seem far away. Although we protested against his talking, because of his weakness, he told a brief story of his life in a whisper, his breath very short and every word was spoken with… Read more

  • Ancestor Narratives: Andy Anderson, Texas

    ANDY ANDERSON, 94, was born a slave of Jack Haley, who owned a plantation in Williamson Co., Texas. During the Civil War, Andy was sold to W.T. House, of Blanco County, who in less than a year sold Andy to his brother, John House. Andy now lives with his third wife and eight of his… Read more

  • Ancestor Narratives: Sarah Allen, El Paso Texas

    SARAH ALLEN was born a slave of John and Sally Goodren, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Before the Civil War, her owners came to Texas, locating near a small town then called Freedom. She lives at 3322 Frutas St., El Paso, Texas. “I was birthed in time of bondage. You know, some people… Read more

  • Ancestor Narratives: William M. Adams, Texas

    WILLIAM M. ADAMS, spiritualist preacher and healer, who lives at 1404 Illinois Ave., Ft. Worth, Texas, was born a slave on the James Davis plantation, in San Jacinto Co., Texas. After the war he worked in a grocery, punched cattle, farmed and preached. He moved to Ft. Worth in 1902. “I was bo’n 93 years… Read more