Sweet Jane Jones Stories (The Timeline)

  • 1982
    My family moved to Detroit, Michigan
    I turned 3 years old in July

  • 1985
    We took a (road) trip to Texas – when crossing the border of Texas, I saw the “Don’t Mess With Texas” sign and was mortified!

  • 1987 – December – we moved back to Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas from Detroit Michigan
    I was enrolled to 3rd grade at T.D. Marshall Elementary in Oak Cliff.

  • 1988
    We moved to Duncanville, Texas
    For 4th grade I was enrolled at Central Elementary school.

  • 1989 – I met my half-sister just before her 18th birthday

  • 1993 My parents separated and my mother and I moved to Cedar Hill.

  • 1994 Moved to Webb Chapel

  • 1995 Mama left me here in Texas to leave with her ugly ass boyfriend of the time.

  • 1997 moved to a trap on Fleetwood “East Grand” (really East Dallas /Fair Park Area)

  • 1998 moved back to Irving with my homegirl and her mom and siblings

  • 1999 I moved to Lewisville, Texas with my sister and her family

  • 2000 i got my first “Corporate” job at AirTouch Paging – shortly after Verizon emerged as a multi million (maybe billion) dollar international entity, merging AirTouch into its conglomerate

  • 2001

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